The Best Way to Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

The Secret Is Now Revealed!

By the end of this article you will have a new understanding of exactly how you can make lots of money with the use of Traffic Exchanges. Funny how easy things are when somebody just tells you the secrets isn't it. Right now, there is a lot of interest and talk about using traffic exchanges to promote affiliate programs. And as a result I'm gaining referrals to my favorite affiliate programs faster than ever.

Why is there such an interest? What’s the huge deal, anyway?

Well, mostly the buzz is centered on the incredible stream of traffic you can drive to any website. Just by surfing four sites with a multi tabbed browser for a few hours you can usually expect 1200 visitors. With numbers like that it’s easy to see how the number of people using traffic exchanges is skyrocketing!

The Absolute Best Way to Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

The best way to make money with traffic exchanges is by starting your own membership site, make everybody an affiliate and give them promotional tools designed to work in traffic exchanges. But you and I know most people won’t do that because it takes too much time and money do it properly.

The next best way is...

The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About

Most people using traffic exchanges don’t make a dime. It’s really not their fault because the affiliate programs they are promoting don’t provide effective tools for use in traffic exchanges. They are told to drive traffic to their affiliate page and the money will start rolling in by the truckload. That is baloney! What really happens is they surf for two or three months without getting any results to speak of. They then either stop trying to make money online or, more likely, they join another business and advertise it elsewhere. You see, the way traffic exchanges work is for every two or three sites you visit, you get one visitor to your site.

And remember that the only reason someone sees your site in a traffic exchange is because they were forced to - not because they chose to.

Most people can’t wrap their heads around this, even when they have been told over and over again.
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The Secret To Traffic Exchanges Is Revealed

Pay close attention here because I am going to let you in on what is, perhaps, the greatest marketing secret known. It is far easier to persuade somebody to get what they already want than to create a demand for something they don’t want. The key to doing this, with traffic exchanges, is by knowing what your visitors want while they are seeing your website. For the most part, your visitors are brand new affiliate marketers who are promoting some how to guide or marketing resource they either bought or are thinking of buying. A smaller number, yet still significant, promote business opportunities of some sort. Others are trying to build downlines in traffic exchanges and other viral traffic generation systems. None of your visitors are shopping for consumer goods or internet marketing products/services or business opportunities.

Your Visitors Only Want to Make Money and Get Traffic. Period.

Savvy marketers use this to their advantage. They take the path of least resistance by gently nudging the visitor, step by step, down the marketing path for something the visitor already wants and is actively thinking about. What they do, is they shift their visitor's focus from driving traffic, to their advertising by offering something of value, their ideal prospect desperately wants, in exchange for the visitor’s name, email address and permission to contact them again. In short, they use traffic exchanges to build a list of people wanting to make money from their home based business.

It doesn’t stop there. Smart marketers keep on sending emails to their list. The first emails are cleverly crafted to build trust, credibility and a relationship with their subscribers. Later emails advertise products and opportunities. But you can’t promote just anything. You need to promote quality products and services that deliver far more than what the customer expects. Human nature dictates that once people buy something they are satisfied and happy with - they will keep on buying from same place over and over again.

New Marketers Are The Key

When you get right down to it, everybody is basically selling the same stuff. We are all selling the means to making money online. That means you have to get to the new marketer first. After all, people only need one autoresponder, one webhost and one tracking service. These three services are absolutely essential to running a successful online business and can generate massive amounts of residual income - even if your customer stops using traffic exchanges and advertises their business elsewhere.

The same thing applies to traffic exchanges, viral list builders and safelists. People can only join these programs once and see the one time offer once. Once they join a downline builder, and they will, there is no reason for them to pay attention to advertisements promoting these programs.

Basically, that means, the way to make money with traffic exchanges is to...

Get as many new marketers on list, as you can, and sell them something, they want, before somebody else does. In other words, traffic exchanges are perfect for filling your marketing funnel with all the hot motivated leads you will ever need to build your business, provided your business appeals to traffic exchange users.

There is, of course, more to making money with traffic exchanges than what you have learned in this brief article.

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The Best Way to Make Money With Traffic Exchanges.

The Best Way to Make Money With Traffic Exchanges