Safelist Automation - Traffic Zipper "The Simple Traffic Machine"

Traffic Zipper is a tool for automating and tracking your Safelist advertising. Traffic Zipper allows you to mail through 20 different List Builders (and growing), all at once from the push of a button. Only takes a few minutes to set up, and its power truly must be seen to be believed. Traffic Zipper achieves all of this by storing your login details for each List Builder in a highly secure database. Using a fancy-pants customized script, it automatically logs into each site with your own credentials and determines if your account is due for a mailing. Everything is presented to you via a simple interface in the Traffic Zipper back office, which allows you to compose an email and send it to the List Builders of your choice in just a matter of seconds. Traffic Zipper was launched in 2009, and is currently used by the World’s top marketing professionals who have gone pretty much head-over-heels for it. With Traffic Zipper I no longer have to log into each site individually. And over the course of a few weeks I save countless hours, which free's me up to build my business using other techniques while fresh leads (that I actually have the time to speak with!) keep rolling in like clockwork. You can now do the same job as before but in just a fraction of the time!

Getting Paid With Traffic Zipper

You can also promote all of your Safelist's just by promoting your Traffic Zipper affiliate link instead of each List Builder individually. If you refer a member into Traffic Zipper they will be presented with your affiliate links for each of the List Builders you’re a member with. As new members join Traffic Zipper from your affiliate link they will follow you into each List Builder - it’s a very powerful system...

"Promote just one single link and earn recurring income from as many as 20 other sites!"

Traffic Zipper - Because Time Equals MoneyThis puts you in the driving seat to build strong downlines in each of the List Builders and in turn generate more traffic, and more sales. As your downlines grow and others below you start to promote, you’ll soon see your lists growing on autopilot. Promoting a single affiliate link simplifies the whole process of building downlines in List Builders. Don’t forget that every member in your downline is an extra prospect to you. They can receive all of your mailings, so it makes sense build downlines in List Builders. Most List Builders also offer an incentive of extra credits for referring new members so you also will be building up a ‘nest egg’ of traffic from referral bonuses alone. Bonus credits can also be used directly from the Traffic Zipper back office, so you can reach even more prospects at each mailing. Simply type in the amount of bonus credits you would like to use and hit send. They haven't left anything out of this system, it is a complete auto-pilot high quality traffic machine. By creating an account at Traffic Zipper you can apply all the techniques from the ‘List Builder Secrets’ from a single location and carry out the same tasks much more efficiently. Traffic Zipper will alleviate the strain and effort from your marketing and save you time (lots of it).

Traffic Zipper Bonus Features

There’s also a ‘Site Rotator’ (which allows you to promote multiple websites without changing your url), in the Traffic Zipper back office. The rotator can be extremely useful if you want rotate a bunch of sales pages and test new material. It also checks a huge database of known malware so you can be even more confident that anything you are promoting is safe, and won’t damage your reputation (very important). You’ll also find a ‘Remote Downline Builder’ tool inside the member’s area (another huge time saving device). Most List Builders have a downline builder section where you can enter your affiliate ID’s for other programs. Again, this takes time - especially when you join a new program, and you have to go back and search all of your existing programs to see if the new one is even in their downline builder! But with Traffic Zipper you can complete all of the entries without ever logging into another program! It’s hard to do this feature justice in a report so once you’re signed up at Traffic Zipper, put it into practice and save yourself even more time. We strongly recommend that you create an account at Traffic Zipper and take a few minutes to check out the video tutorials. You’ll then need just a few minutes to input your account details for each of the List Builders and away you go! Just compose your email and instantly mail thousands of prospects at the push of a button - this truly is... ‘The Traffic Button’

Special Upgraded Membership Pricing At Traffic Zipper

When you sign up initially, you’ll have the chance to take advantage of a highly reduced upgrade opportunity (so you can manage more List Builder Accounts and gain access to some of the even more advanced program features) - and if you decide to take advantage of that offer, then I’m going to make getting more traffic to your programs and affiliate links even easier...

And here’s how:

Get Your Traffic Zipper Special OTO Bonuses!If you take advantage of the special OTO price and upgrade your account at Traffic Zipper, they’ll give you 6,500 Bonus Credits for use at The List Auction, and 4,500 Bonus Credits for use at ViralAdStore - 2 of the highest performing list builder sites online.

All you need to do to claim your special bonus is:

1. Set up your account, and upgrade at Traffic Zipper
2. Have an account set up at ViralAdStore and The List Auction
3. Contact the help desk with your username at all 3 sites and use the subject line of “TTB Launch Bonus” for your support ticket. Once they have verified your info, they will instantly apply the bonus credits to your account... It’s that simple! .

That means you can reach an additional 11,000 prospects at no additional cost - just for taking the upgraded membership at Traffic Zipper for a spin - which in itself, is an amazing value - as you’ll see. Traffic Zipper is indispensable to me and my online business, an online marketers dream come true. Traffic Zipper simple traffic machine.