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Solo Ads Sellers

Solo ads sellers are email marketers that have build a list that is big enough to generate hundreds, and thousands of clicks for each broadcast they make. Some have lists of 10K, and some of 200K, and more. With the most common type of solo ads you’re paying a fixed price for a certain amount of clicks. The common price ranges between 25-60 cents per click, depending on the seller, the niche and the list.

You’re probably asking yourself, why should someone with that big of a list deal with selling clicks when he can use them for affiliate offers, and probably make more. The answer is: in most cases, they do send affiliate offers but also some good valuable freebies to keep the list responsive. You provide the valuable freebie(which in this case is 5 Minute Mogul) gaining new subscribers, while the seller gets to earn extra revenue, a win-win!

How To Locate The Best Sellers

I built my primary solo provider list from a combination of a few sources like the warriorforum, and a few other recommendations from internet marketing forums, and email marketing products. Then I’ve checked reviews for each one of them, opted to their list, checked the emails I got from them and remove the ones I didn’t like or that had some negative or not enough reviews.

In the second stage I’ve emailed each of them asking a few questions about their list, like how did they build it, how big is it, what interests their subscribers most etc. and I removed the ones that didn’t reply or that their answers were not good enough.

In the third stage I’ve checked their packages to see what’s the average price per click they are charging, and sorted them from low to high. Personally I’ve decided not to pay more than 40 cents a click, but you can put your line higher or lower than this, according to your budget and your plan.

top-solo-ad-providersHere is my list of recommended solo ads sellers

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Communication With Sellers

As I previously mentioned, communicating with solo ads sellers prior to purchasing an ad is crucial. Furthermore, when you can get insights on the list from the seller you can build a better offer that will convert better, and will get you more targeted and responsive subscribers. My advice is this take my list, and search the forums and the resources I’ve mentioned. After you've decided on your budget, email all of the potential sellers (I put a link to an email template at the bottom of this page), start characterizing their lists and then start to schedule your ads.

Another important issue in that matter is the swipe, the ad that is sent to the seller’s list. Some of the sellers will ask you to send them your swipe, while most will prefer to write it themselves BUT will agree to use yours instead if you ask them to. The reason I think you should write the swipe yourself is in order to get another final screening of the clicks. A swipe that explains the free product well will send more targeted clicks than one that just draws attention (“you MUST check this out” kind of swipes…). You don’t have to be copywriters, nor pay one, if you have opted to the seller’s lists like we previously suggested you should have lots of examples for good swipes lying in your inbox right now. Just look over them and pick the one you like most, or a few you can mix and match to create a  new one. Always send your offers to the seller prior to scheduling and paying for an ad. If you have a few it would be a great idea to ask him which he believes his list will like the most. In our Internet Marketing niche, for example, there are lists that are more SEO targeted, others that are more Adsense or ClickBank targeted, others can be home business in general etc.

Newsletters Solo Ads

There are also other kinds of solo ads, which are more newsletters based than a single seller’s list. These are, in most cases, news sites that provide a weekly or monthly newsletter and have a solid database of subscribers. In this kind of solo ads the payment is, in most cases, not based on the number of clicks but on a fix price per distributing to a certain amount of subscribers, or on a price per thousand impressions. So you can’t guarantee the number of clicks you get, but if your solo is good and the newsletter is targeted you can also get really low cost clicks compared to a click based solo ad. I have to be honest and say I haven’t tried these out much, in fact most of them are scheduled a few weeks and even months ahead and that’s the main reason. But I’ll send you an update once I have some results, all I can say is that the one I tried brought me to a final cost of less than 20 cents per click, so it was definitely more cost-effective than most of the clicks based solos I’ve used.

Swaps…What Are Swaps?

email-swapsNot to be confused with swipes, which are the email messages sent to subscribers, swap is actually a swipe exchange. You and your partner both have a list with similar amount of subscribers, and you agree to send each other’s list the other ones swipe. That way each one of you will receive subscribers to your list with no cost. In other words... you pay for your solo by providing a solo yourself. Of course in order to do that you need to have a big list with a few thousand subscribers. You can do swaps with smaller lists as well but there’s little point in it since both partners generates a tiny amount of clicks for each other. I would say a 5K subscribers list would be the minimum for starting a decent swap.

Working With Safe-Swaps is the place you go for swapping, just like Flippa is the place you go to sell websites. I’m sure there are more, but safe-swaps are the most known one and it provides a really good platform for safe swapping. Using safe-swaps costs a monthly fee of somewhere around $20, but in return you get access to thousands of other marketers that you can swap with or buy a solo from. Safe-swaps verifies both parties, list sizes, and tracks the queued swipes, clicks, and opt-ins both parties generate for each other. It also provides you with a calendar where you schedule your swaps and solos.

Safe-swaps is a great platform for buying and selling solos as well. The big advantage of using safe-swaps for solos is the confidence that comes from seeing other user’s reviews and knowing that a third party is making sure you get what you paid for. The process is very simple you let the system find you other list owners with a similar amount of subscribers (you can also define more criteria to search by), check their swap and if it looks ok to you just send them invitations for swaps on your preferred date and hour. If you got approved by the other user you will both need to queue each other’s swipes on your auto-responders (for some auto-responders, the safe-swap system can do it for you) and approve. You’re all set. Now you both have each other’s swipes scheduled, and on the date and time you scheduled, it will be sent. The system will keep track of both parties clicks and opt-ins and you will both be prompted to leave a review after you’re done.

While safe-swaps is the most common platform for this, you can always email other list owners for swaps or post in internet marketing forums that are interested in swaps. Safe-swaps just makes this process easier, and safer.

Using Swaps & Solos For Long Term List Building

The traditional method of list building is actually putting a primary investment on building the squeeze page and sales funnel and then after reaching a few thousand subscribers, you keep swapping to make your list bigger. But 5 Minute Mogul gives you a complete sales funnel from the start helping you build your list and residual income ASAP. The bigger your list gets, the bigger the list owners you can swap with and gain more and more subscribers on any swap you make. This is what I call growing your list on autopilot. You don’t have to keep paying for solos- now you get them for free. You can decide how many broadcasts will be dedicated to swaps (the rest will be used to make you money) and spend an hour or two every month scheduling all your swaps with your partners a month ahead. By the way, when you’re not paying for the swipes, every sale you make out of your sales funnel is a pure profit, so you can practically focus just on swaps, switching your swipes every now and then, and grow your list while making a steady online income.

You’re in the big boys playground now. And low and behold, you too have that magic stick that can send traffic anywhere you want, anytime you want to!

Let’s Get Practical

Now let’s get practical and do what we’ve learned step by step

1 – Set your budget and goals

  • The first question you have to answer is how big your budget is. As you probably understood, we’re looking at a very rapid return of your investment, but the more you can spend to start with- the quicker the process will be.
  • Now determine your goals for this journey. Generally speaking, you’re buying a click for around 35 cents, and looking for a reasonable conversion rate of 20-40% double opted users. In that case, acquiring a new subscriber will cost you around 1-1.5$. If your budget, for example, is 1,000$ you should expect at least 650 double opted subscribers (and a similar number of single opt-ins).

2 – Start with safe-swaps

  • Register at you don’t have to pay right away, you can open a limited account and pay later when you’ll need to.
  • Get to know safe-swaps, and start locating solo sellers as well as potential future swap partners.

3 – Build your solo sellers list

  • Take my list, you can add some sellers you liked from safe- swaps, gather some more from forums and recommendations, check each one of them to see if the PPC fits you budget, and screen them based on reviews and price.
  • Now email all of the sellers on your list with the template linked below, asking them a few questions about their list and availability. If the sellers are from safe-swaps do it through their private messaging system. Also opt in to their lists (I suggest setting up a different email account for that) and see what they’re mailing.

4 – Schedule and track your solos

  • Based on the answers you got from the selected sellers, pick the ones that you like the most, and decide how many clicks you’re going to buy from each one.
  • Pick a tracking service (I recommend, and generate a unique link for each of the solo sellers, so you’ll be able to track each campaign separately.
  • Approve and schedule the swipe, and the offer with each one of the sellers.

Now that we have the best solo ads we could find scheduled to send traffic to our squeeze page and start getting us new 5 Minute Mogul Members, I'll soon add some other resources we can use to maximize the responsiveness of our lists.

Use this template to purchase clicks from solo ad providers

Click Here To Download The Solo Email Template